EWA presented at OZWater after testing in Australia

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The EWA (Emergency Water from Air) device was developed in cooperation between UCEEB CTU and Karbox s.r.o. (CSG member). It is a mobile device for obtaining water from air exclusively in desert environments, where it should have no competition on the market at present.

The average daily water production in a desert environment is 25 to 35 l/day. However, EWA can also be operated in humid environments where daily water production can be as high as 50 to 70 l/day. The prototype was first tested for half a year in the laboratories of CTU UCEEB in a range of climatic conditions where the device could be deployed. Currently, EWA has been tested in the very dry environment of the Australian outback, where it generated an average of 25 l/day for several days. Following a successful test in real conditions, the EWA was unveiled at the OZWater exhibition in Sydney.

Leaflet to download HERE