Tom√°Ň° MatuŇ°ka
Energy Concept

Tomas Matuska is an Associate Professor/Lead Researcher, Head of Energy Systems for Buildings Department at the University Centre of Energy Efficient Buildings. He performs research on integration of renewable energy sources (RES) into buildings. Currently the main R&D topics of his work are the development of photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector PV/T collectors, advanced heat pumps and energy storage systems for nearly zero energy buildings.

Vladimír Zmrhal
Air Handling Technology

Vladimir Zmrhal is the head of Department of Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague. He focuses on research of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, indoor environmental quality and energy performance of buildings. Currently, his main research topic is targetting the optimization of regenerative exchangers for heat and moisture recovery, leading to better overall energy performance of buildings.


BoŇôivoj ҆ourek
Design and Construction


Borivoj Sourek is part of a team that focuses on research and development in the field of hybrid photovoltaic thermal collectors. He is the head of solar laboratory and takes care of all test where a solar simulator is involved, including tests of prototypes as well as the commercial tests for industrial partners. He is also a part of a group that focusses on building¬īs energy balance mathematical modelling.


Petr Wolf
Photovoltaics and Battery


Petr Wolf works as a leader of renewable energy group on various tasks in the field of photovoltaics and smart energy systems. In many cased batteries, solar prediction and intelligent control is involved. As many of the research projects are based on collaboration with private sector, he can use the experience from previous occupation.


Pavel Pelán 
Control and Monitoring


Pavel Pelan is a member of The Control and Monitoring of Intelligent Buildings Department. His main task is to support scientists by implementing the UCEEB monitoring system for data analysis and data post processing. He creates algorithms and designs PLC programs for process control systems and he handles the commissioning of the automation devices.